BLKKNGOUT is a palette cleansing exercise. Conceived after the BLACKOUT magazine series, but before I actually produced the magazine pieces.  These works manifested mainly out of my love affair with language. I was listening to Big Krit's Banana Clip Theory, in which he has a line  about "blacking out" on someone. So, I began contemplating  how "blackness" is associated with losing control. The idea of instability and fracturing one’s personality (or community) is illustrated in the treatment of the text. Seeing how it reads, and how it sounds. I also wanted to consider what, if anything, "blacking out" has to do with being a black king. Hence the crown. Being a staunch member of the Hip Hop Generation, I knew that the language would resonate with folks of my generation, and younger. Aesthetically, the works are simple and iconographic enough to possibly speak to anyone. Remixes of remixes.