Stylistically, the works created for this exhibition continue the visual exploration of recurring imagery found in my Idle Warship and Charmed bodies of work. However, ideologically, this work is informed by the past.

In the 1970 manifesto for Chicago art collective AfriCOBRA's inaugural exhibition, Ten In Search of A Nation, the late Jeff Donaldson wrote,

“ (z) color color Color color that shines, color that is free of rules and
regulations. Color that shines. Color that is expressively awesome.
Color that defines, identifies and directs. Superreal color for Superreal
images. The superreality that is our every day all day thang.”

With that in mind, I decided to interpret the idea of 'color' both literally and figuratively. Color as a religious or spitirual attribute, color as an identifier of ethnicity or nationality, color as a mechanism for framing any of the aforementioned. Color that highlights both the real and imagined world that we live in. The dark and the light. The sacred and the secular. Fact and fiction. The duality and dichotomy that is